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Playful Preschool

Daily Activity Schedule

A two year old is observing, imitating, absorbing, and gaining knowledge with each experience! In addition, their drive to make personal decisions and to learn self-sufficiency is very strong! Our schedule is flexible, allowing opportunity for uninterrupted play and an environment conducive to emergent themes and discussions. Additionally, this flexibility permits these kids a ‘learning curve’ on preparing for transitions and practicing life learning.

Life Learning

In a two year olds world, everything is a challenge! We will concentrate on creating scaffolding for success in learning everyday life skills. Putting on clothing, toilet training, exhibiting grace and manners, buttoning, zipping, washing hands, meal etiquette, and social cooperation are some of the talents we will incorporate throughout our entire day!

Program Details (2 year olds)

This incredible age group are absorbing something new every day! KidsCo Jr. will create an awesome environment to nurture a twos innate love of exploration and learning. We will link curriculum to meaningful experiences within their worlds such as pets, foods, and family. We believe that by providing both child directed and teacher directed emergent experiences, two year olds expand their language, physical ability, social skills, and build a healthy positive self-image. Their desire for independence will be respected and supported by creating opportunities for success and through intentional teaching. We teach by the modeling of appropriate hygiene, caring for others, value of friendships, and the concentration on impulse control and positive choices to shape personal discipline. A 1:6 staff to child ratio or better will be maintained.