Jr. Babies

Program Details (6 weeks-24 months)

This amazing group will be cared for in a home-away-from-home atmosphere! We recognize the importance of a very young child’s routine and incorporate their individual schedules into our care. Each child’s schedule is respected and augmented by Center Rotation options that offer interest within different developmental stages. Healthy connections with loving caregivers are the cornerstones of an infant’s growth and learning! Our curriculum is based from the young child’s need for responsive care and supported by The Creative Curriculum. This method allows us to support all five areas of development. The maturation of cognitive, emotional, social, physical, and language skills are an everyday experience! We foster a stimulating, sensory rich, affectionate, and baby-proof environment that allows for both independent and guided exploration. This awesome setting will be strengthened by maintaining a 1:3 or better staff to child ratio within these groups and providing primary caregivers to each child.

Daily Activity Schedule

At KidsCo Jr., we recognize the importance of a young child’s routines and incorporate them into their care. Our daily schedule is based on Center Rotation which offers interest within different developmental stages and promotes individualized growth. Therefore, there is no beginning and ending times for our activities, rather, experiences are pre-planned and made available for our entire day. When each child is ready and their schedule allows, they may experience our centers!