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Early Preschool

Daily Activity Schedule

Life Learning

During the daily routine, a three year old learns minute by minute! We will focus on improving life skills and self-image by patiently providing windows of practice and celebrations of success! Putting on clothing, toilet training, exhibiting grace and manners, buttoning, zipping, washing hands, meal etiquette, and social cooperation are some of the talents we will incorporate throughout our entire day!

Program Details (3 year olds)

Our three year olds are preparing for the transition into Preschool! They are socialites and are observing and imitating their friends and teachers.  Their drive to make personal decisions is our motivation to guide them into making good choices with activities, social situations, and in goal setting. Our daily schedule is flexible, allowing opportunity for uninterrupted play and an environment conducive to emergent themes and discussions. Additionally, this flexibility permits these kids a ‘learning curve’ on preparing for transitions and practicing Life Learning.