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Daily Activity Schedule

Our preschoolers are given a forum to make personal choices and to find success everyday! We plan our schedule with a blend of individual and group activities and those experiences that are teacher directed and those that are child directed. Our curriculum is based on Learning Centers and Group Activities.

Our schedule is flexible, allowing opportunity for uninterrupted play and an environment conducive to emergent themes and discussions. Additionally, this flexibility permits these kids a ‘learning curve’ on preparing for transitions and practicing Life Learning.

Life Learning

We will continue to create a scaffold for success in learning everyday life skills with our preschoolers. Mastering self-dressing, exhibiting grace and manners, tying laces, washing hands, meal etiquette, and social cooperation are some of the talents we will incorporate throughout our entire day!

Program Details (4 & 5 year olds)

At KidsCo Jr., we believe that preschool aged children learn through purposeful play with an emergent curriculum, a generous supply of varied, child-centered experiences, and positive interaction with other children and healthy, responsible adults. We allow children to be children by providing a safe and healthy environment for each child to openly explore and increase their curiosity. Our active learning program offers choices and encourages children to think outside the box and to consider alternate strategies for success. Family-like environments offer young children an atmosphere of comfort, love, and freedom to explore their world so, our classroom environment is set-up to be as comfortable and ‘homey’ as possible. This snug space will be augmented with Center Rotation options which cultivate individual choice and social interaction. Centers will vary with the season and the emergent theme but will incorporate music, reading, computers, construction, dramatic play, nature, family, science, manipulatives, writing, art, and sensory exploration. A 1:10 or better staff to child ratio will always be upheld.

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