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The KidsCo Story begins long before KidsCo was incorporated in 1998. It begins with a vision for a place that offers everyone, kids, parents and staff, the ultimate experience in summer and after school programming. A vision for a company providing so much more than child care. A vision for a place where kids take the reins and work together with highly qualified staff to create a loving, stimulating and engaging environment. A vision for a place where staff members are given specialized training and rewarded for their hard work, resulting in a team interested in being at work. A vision for a place that makes a difference in the lives of children every day. A place that children and staff members call home. A place that parents can trust to protect, nurture and teach their children while they aren’t in their care. In 1998 the time was right, and with the help of his parents, wife, and a small handful of devoted and loyal families he met along the way, Jay Gerson started KidsCo. KidsCo began as just one summer camp program, with a handful of energized staff members leading the way, and a vision to create a summer camp experience unlike any other before. Most campers were referrals, and during that first week of summer camp there were about 20 campers in attendance. By the end of the summer, enrollment had more than tripled, and everyone involved knew that KidsCo had a good thing going.

The summer camp programs grew over the years, with six day camps and two travel camps having operated in the 2011 summer across the county. KidsCo also expanded into the before and after school market. Growing from one before and after school program in 2000, to currently operating 16 elementary school before and after school programs in Montgomery County, it is safe to say that the KidsCo way is taking the county by storm! In 2006, KidsCo’s sister company KidsCo Jr. was created by Jay’s wife, Angelica, in hopes of bringing KidsCo’s high standards into the infant, toddler and preschool child care market. KidsCo is proud to say that we currently make a difference in over 1000 families’ lives each year. We never could have imagined the far reaching impact our little idea would have on so many Montgomery County children, and we’re honored to touch the lives of so many local families each day.

No matter how big KidsCo grows, how many staff members it employs, or how many children it enrolls, KidsCo will always hold true to its roots. Jay still remains active in the day-to-day happenings of all KidsCo programs, and KidsCo’s growth has allowed for the employment of a large and qualified core management team and an exceptional group of program Directors. KidsCo was and always will be the Kids’ Company. It is our hope that each and every family involved in KidsCo sees this passion and gains from being a part of it.